Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Man in the Sky - Part II

The Almighty - He is All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All-Perfect, All-Evil (Oh! sorry), all-etc.

In this part of our blasphemous essay we will dwell on His All-Knowing aspect. May the Lord turn me back on the right path (but he can't as he will be contradicted by He himself and because He is tied by his All-Knowing aspect. I pray for him.)


If the Lord Almighty knows everything - the past, the present, the future, the inside and the outside, then what need is there for such a Mighty Man to setup such a silly screenplay on earth when he knows everything.

Can an examiner be considered sound in judgement who knows the past, the present, the future, the inside and the outside of his examinees, and besides knowing all these he sets up an unnessecary time-wasting examination. Is he not inane?

If the High Man knows everything, then he certainly knows what I shall do in my lifetime. This means that everything is predetermined and in noway can I change my fate. That is to say that actually I am not my own master but He that with beautiful-bodied angels sits in the sky, and whatever I do is actually his will. Then, how can I change anything - change the so-powerful God's will. My life - I can't change anything; I only go on the predestined path prepared by Him. Then, what is my fault in all these - all are His doings.


Walt said...

My guess is that the reason God created the universe is that, being omnipotent, he's always, for eternity past, known that he would create the universe, and so he had no choice in the matter. He's always known everything he would ever do, so he has no freedom of choice to change anything by one iota. He's locked into his actions by his omnipotence!


dragonwrites said...

The reason God created the universe is because He wanted to. Ultimately, yes, He knows all that we will or won't do but that doesn't mean that all that we do or don't do isn't our choice. And, not all that we do is His will but He does use it for His purpose. Those that refuse to acknowledge His existence because they'd rather be 'excused' from all they do or not be accountable for all they allow will never be able to see or understand the magnanimous wonder that is God Almighty. Beside the fact that unbelief and bitter, uneducated diatribes only harms one personally, as I've learned through my bitter, uninformed diatribes about drivers in my town, is it any wonder that many of the world that doesn't believe in God is so angry, upset and foul? Not in the least. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine. It is only in the end when all things will become clear. The unfortunate part is that that will be too late for many.

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