Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Man In The Sky - Part III

We have already seen in the last part of this essay that a God cannot be all-knowing, for, if he is all-knowing he cannot be all-powerful.

An example will make all this clear.

Let us suppose that there is an all-knowing God. That means that before he created the earth he knew all about its future. That means he also knew my future.

Lets us again suppose that before the creation of the earth God was having a conversation with one of his angel:-

Angel - Lord, Master of Man, can you tell me what will your servant, Parvez Ahmed do on the 21st of March, 2008.

God - Oh, such a simple question - he will be going out with his girlfriend.

Now what does this imply? It implies that my future is fixed, because if He is all-knowing then there does not remain the question of choice for anyone or anything. All becomes predestined as like a train traveling on a track.

However my mother suddenly falls ill on the 21st of March, and instead of going out with my girlfriend, I decide to take my mother to the hospital. But that will be impossible for God will become a liar and the future, if it is known from a previous period becomes fixed because you already know everything - there is no scope for change.

So, now it is proved that if a being as an All-Knowing God exists at all; he is terribly locked by his own All-Knowing power by which he is rendered powerless - meaning he is not All-Powerful.

So, God is not All-Powerful if he exists at all.

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