Monday, February 25, 2008

The Man in the Sky - Part I

Religion is at the bottom of the dirt - Zeitgeist: The Movie.

  • Christian - 'My religion is the only true one - and all others - ha! - the dust of the devil.'
  • Muslim - 'There is only one God, Allah - and those, they are totally rubbish.'
  • Jew - 'We are the children of God... you have only copied our religion... our's is the only true one.'
  • Hindu - 'Shiva created the universe... the hindu religion is the most oldest and sacred, the only true path for the whole world.'

Now, studied scholars and brothers of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and others - save my mind! I am puzzled - totally puzzled in this labyrinthine world of yours and by the inanity of the world religions, by their conflicting sayings and surmises. Please, tell me who is correct and who is incorrect? Please, tell me whose religion is the true one? Please, tell me who is the real God? Please, tell me which High Book really came from the sky? Please, tell me who is the real God that sits in the sky and manoeuvres us in this hellish game on earth? Lastly, please tell me, what is His purpose behind all this - what will he get if we go to either heaven or hell - what will he get?

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